Premium Aged Range (500mL)

LiebichWein is as famous for its fortifieds as it is for its reds.

Tasting Notes: Delicious sweet orange and raisin characters. A sensuous wine with voluminous Muscato Gordo character. This 8 year old retains some youthfulness in the blend and is enjoyable drinking at any time. May also be served chilled.
Alcohol: 17%.

Tasting Notes:A blended rare red frontignac wine that skilfully balances 20 year old barrel aged with younger unwooded wine showcases luscious aged charcters of burnt honeyed toffee with aromatic floral musk and exquisite flavours. This 5 year old wine is a fine Barossa liqueur that should be savoured as an encore or finale for any meal is made from rare red frontignac grapes which impart a gentle red/orange hue. May also be served chilled.
Alcohol: 18%.

Tasting Notes: A particular favorite of ours! The old barrel aging over 10 years provides a unique 'burnt' honeyed toffee character. Ideal as an after dinner drink. May also be served chilled
Alcohol: 18%. 

Tasting Notes: Forgetful aging in wood amongst the cobwebs for 15 years
has resulted in a concentration of flavours and sugar with excellent rancio and
tawny characteristics. Predominantly Grenache, with a touch of Mataro and Semillon.
Alcohol: 18%.

2004 Vintage Fortified Shiraz (375mL)

This wine utilises very late picked shiraz fruit, with 5% very ripe cabernet for complexity; this wine was intensely plunged and heavily pressed for maximum extraction of fruit and tannins. Picked at 17.5°Beaume and fortified on skins with handpicked coarse brandy spirit to finish at 3.3ºB.
Tasting Notes: Dark blackberry, aniseed and warm spicy aromas
capture the essence of ripe Barossa Shiraz, complimented by the added brandy spirit.
Alcohol: 18.5%.
Cellar: This wine will age for up to 20 years into an unforgettable fortified experience -
if you can wait that long!

GOLD 2008 Barossa Wine Show
SILVER 2007 Australian Small Winemakers Show

Young Varietal Fortifieds (750mL)

A fresh twist on the classics for present day enjoyment, in stylish etched bottles. These wines can be enjoyed before or after meals, and chilled on hot days.

Fortified Semillon
Tasting Notes: Made from fully ripened fruit, this wine exhibits a lush, slightly nutty fruit nose that follows through to the palate.
Alcohol: 18.0%.
Closure: Screw cap.

Tasting Notes: Made from muscat gordo grapes and picked at its ripest, this fortified wine exudes lush grapey fruit characters, tempered by some ageing in wood barrels.
Alcohol: 18.0%.
Closure: Screw cap.

Ruby Grenache
Tasting Notes: A one year old sweet red fortified with very little wood age, made from fully ripened Grenache picked in 2005 which was one of the best ever vintages for fortifieds. Exhibits a toffee/marshmallow fruit nose with a smooth, soft palate.
Alcohol: 18.0%.
Closure: Screw cap.

Bulk Fortifieds

Better your Home Barrel Blend: Factsheet from Master Fortified maker, Ron Liebich

Your personal blend of fortified can be a luxurious addition to any home. With a little time and attention, you can meld your special ingredients into a complex mixture that you can sip with satisfaction. This fact sheet answers common questions we get asked about starting your barrel and how to maintain a quality blend throughout the barrel’s life.

Barrel Blend Factsheet >>

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Kegs for your fortifieds may be purchased from The Keg Factory.

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